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Winery at Bartholomew Park in Transition

As of October 28, 2018, Bartholomew Park Winery is closed, but in the spring of 2019, Bartholomew Estate Winery will open in its place.  Same fantastic location, but different ownership, a fresh direction, and brand new wines for everyone to come and enjoy.


Who is behind Bartholomew Estate Winery?

The trustee of the Frank H. Bartholomew Foundation, Anna Pope, has teamed up with veteran Sonoma winemaker Kevin Holt to operate the historic winery on the park property.  Under their leadership, there will be many exciting vintages ahead.


A Happy Coincidence

At the same time as the new winery opening, or as close as is practical, the beloved hiking trails at Bartholomew Park should re-open as well.  Severely damaged during the fires of October 2017, the park's back country trails are being rehabilitated.